General Information

Q. Why do bathtubs wear out?
A. Our Research has shown us that there are four main reasons why bathtubs (Porcelain) surface wear out.

1.The first reason causing about 50% of all surface damage is the use of cleansers and normal wear and tear. Cleansers are like sand paper and after continual use will dull the surface.
2.The second reason causing about 25% of all surface damage is hard water, lime scale, rust and hard minerals from the water eroding the surface, leaving it dull.
3.The third reason causing about 15% of all surface damage is the use of acid cleaners like Lime Away or Tilex. These acid cleaners made for tile will eventually etch the porcelain surface leaving it dull.
4.The fourth reason causing the remainder 10% of all surface damage are accidents. Pouring muriatic acid or draino in a tub full of water to unplug the drain will etch the surface. Some people pour bleach and harsh cleaners in the bathtub to wash clothes, blinds and sometimes machine pans.
Q. Why is re-glazing bathtubs more popular than replacing them?
A. A new tub installed may cost anywhere from $1,500 to $4,000 with an average cost of $2,300. Don’t forget, you have to break out the walls, adjust the plumbing and break up part of the floor. Most of the time you literally have to gut the entire bathroom to replace a bathtub. Reglazing your bathtub usually costs less than $600.00. 

Q. Is re-glazing the bathtub the same Quality as a new bathtub?
A. No, it’s better! The new bathtubs today are cheaper, usually made out of fiberglass or cheap enamel coated steel and tend to wear out Quickly. In fact, your old bathtub usually is made of cast iron covered with porcelain. It is wider, deeper and has a better value than today’s bathtubs. This insures you the best of both worlds by keeping the old but good foundation and replacing your old worn out surface with a new high gloss reglazed surface. 

Q. How long does it take to reglaze a bathtub?
A. Every job is different and there is no telling how many hours it will take to re-glaze your bathtub. We do know that all jobs are completed within half a day. 

Q. How soon can we use the bathtub with the new reglazed surface?
A. Within 4 hours after the work is completed. 

Q. How long will the new reglazed surface last?
A. We expect the reglazed finish to last 15 to 20 years,with proper maintance.

Q. Does the new surface come in colors?
A. Yes, we formulate all our colors to match all plumbing manufacturing companies such as Kohler, American Standard and Eljer. 

Q. We have a vanity up against the bathtub. Does it have to be removed?
A. If you want the entire porcelain surface to be reglazed, then yes. You need to remove the vanity or the technician can mask around the vanity and reglaze around it. The vanity should be at least 12 to 18 inches away from the surface, in order to re-glaze the entire bathtub. 

Q. We have sliding doors on our bathtub, do we have to remove them before the bathtub is reglazed?
A. You should remove the doors before you have the bathtub reglazed. 

Q. Is there any mess?
A. YES, We are trained to be very neat and careful. There will be a film over everything that was not covered, which is easly removed with only water & sponge.We will tape off and cover with paper around the tub & use a  drop clothes for the rest of the room.

Remodeling - Which Comes First

Q. We are going to remodel our bathroom. Should the bathtub be reglazed first?
A. No, you don’t want to take a chance in damaging your newly reglazed surface by walking on it, dropping hammers, screw drivers, or tile on it. The walls around the bathtub should be completed first, leaving out the caulking between the tub and tile until after the tub is reglazed. All other remodeling, such as floor, vanity and wallpaper should be done after the tub is reglazed. 

Q. Our faucet is leaking, should we get that fixed first?
A. Even though we are trained to deal with this situation, it is still best to fix all leaky faucets before having your bathtub re-glazed. The warranty does not cover a drippy faucet. The time for repair is before the technician arrives to reglaze the tub. 

Q. We would like to put a new drain in at the bottom of the bathtub. Can this be done after the tub is reglazed?
A. No, you cannot remove the drain without damaging the surface around it. You should put the new drain in first. We do offer optional Glue in drains that go right over the Existing drain. You may also consider loosening the old drain first but leaving it in until the technician prepares the old surface for reglazing. Then the technician can remove the old drain before he applies the new surface and you can put the new drain in after the new surface has cured. NOTE: Customer or plumber needs to loosen drain before the technician arrives to refinish your tub. 

Q. What about epoxy paint kits for the “Do-It-Yourselfers”. Do you recommend this for painting our bathtub?
A. Absolutely not! We have received many phone calls from consumers who have tried this only to be in despair and are calling us for help. The process of reglazing bathtubs can only be done by a trained professional. Epoxy paints will lift up usually after two or three months, the paint chips may plug up your plumbing. Before you do have your bathtub reglazed professionally, the epoxy paint must be removed which can cost you an additional fee based on size.

Q. I have chidren and pets is it safe for them to be home?
A. We would recommend that children,pets or anyone else with health issues not be present during the application of the coating only. 

Q. Should I clean room before service?
A. Yes, the room should be cleaned & dust free. This will help prevent anything getting stuck in the wet sticky surface. Which can lead to a rough finish