1. Do not get the surface wet for     hours after refinishing work is                                        completed.

     2. carefully remove masking tape and paper after hours.

     3. Replace bathtub hardware and caulking after hours.

     4. Regular cleaning is important to prevent dirt and soap scum build-up that will hide          the beauty of the finish.  Clean with warm water and liquid detergents or bathroom          cleaners. Good cleaners are  DOW SCRUBBING BUBBLES, DOW                              SOAP SCUM REMOVER, DOW ORANGE ACTION, DOW SCRUBBING                    BUBBLES MILDEW STAIN REMOVER & MR.CLEAN.  These will clean the                  refinished fixture without dulling the finish.

      5. NEVER use suction cup bathmats or any suction cups on the  finish.

      6. Repair all leaky faucets right away.  Constant dripping will cause                                     premature wear and rust around the drain.

      7. Do not use acids on the finish. ( RECOMMEND A FUNNEL )  If using a drain                 opener, carefully poor it into the drain, trying not to spill it on the finished surface.

      8. To keep your bathtub looking great for years, do not store soap, shampoo, bath             oil, etc. on the corner ledge.  Water is trapped underneath and in time, this can               cause the finish to discolor.  A hanging shower caddy works well to store these             things away from the surface.

      9. Liquid car was work's well to protect the finish and make it easier to clean.                     Follow the directions on the container.  Waxing around the drain will also keep               water and rust stains from forming.  Apply wax every 3 months or so.  Never                 wax the bottom of the bathtub!!  It makes it slippery and dangerous.

    10. Never allow nail polish remover to come in contact with the finish as it causes                 damage to the finish.

    11. The strongest chemical that should come in contact with finish is RUBBING                   ALCOHAL nothing stronger, perfect for stains or marks.

You should maintain newly refinished bathtub/tile in much the same manner as new bathtub/tiles.. The following instructions will keep the finish clean and attractive for many years.  Failure to follow these instructions may void your warranty.